Pat the Bat Dyslexic Edition LHC Book #D4

Pat the Bat Dyslexic Edition LHC Book #D4


This collection of books is sized for little hands.

"This book is printed in a font that helps earlier readers and people with Dyslexia read more confidently. This font can be used by all. For more info go to

Go to to find out more about the typeface and discounts."

Renowned artist, Kelly Stribling Sutherland, and university professor, KD Chapman, have teamed up to create a delightful early-reader Pat the Bat. The beautifully illustrated story is inspired by a project that Chapman and his young daughters worked on many years ago when they were just beginning to read. Building early vocabulary with simple sentence structure and intuitive rhymes will engage children as they read about Pat and his friends. Colorful artwork accompanies the story, guiding readers through the imaginary world of Pat the Bat.

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