Hush that Hullabaloo! Dyslexic Edition

Hush that Hullabaloo! Dyslexic Edition

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"This book is printed in a font that helps earlier readers and people with Dyslexia read more confidently. This font can be used by all. For more info go to

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Hush That Hullabaloo! is a rollicking, rhyming, read-aloud set in Scotland, full of Scottish words that will delight readers as they repeat the catchy phrases and imitate a Scottish brogue. Grandpa Goose is grouchy as the lads and lassies make a mess in his "hoose" and lots of noise—a hullabaloo! Grandma soothes him with the refrain, 
"Wheesht, wheesht, 
 It's only the wee ones. 
 Wheesht, wheesht, 
 Only the wee ones." 

Can you figure out what the hullabaloo is all about before Grandpa Goose does? 

The story includes a list of Scottish words, pronunciations, and meanings.

By Donna Marie Merritt

Illustrated By Chris Demarest

Publish Date 6/20/17


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"Reads like a song" (5 out of 5 STARS)

By Amy Nicholson

This book reads like a song. With a touch of playful Scottish verse and illustrations as colorful and expressive as its words, it will have you tapping a foot--maybe even dancing a jig--and joining the folks in the hullabaloo!


"Great book to read with kids!" (5 out of 5 STARS)

By Evelyn Reeve

Such a fun book! My grandchildren, ages 4 and 6, enjoyed hearing the story and repeating the Scottish words as we read. The colorful illustrations helped them make predictions about what would happen next. We all had a grand time reading this fun story!



"Buy it for your grandkids!" (5 out of 5 STARS)

By Chris B

Not only did our grandkids like this book, we enjoyed it as well! I would highly recommend. 


"Entertaining!" (5 out of 5 STARS)

By Bri

A great way to introduce your children to Scottish heritage! Very entertaining and highly enjoyable!


"Och Aye ... a wee bit o' fun!" (4 OUT OF 5 STARS)

By Frances

A sweet wee read for bairns ... prompts guessing and discussion, "What's going on, why is Grandpa Goose grouchy?" is a good introduction to Scottish fun ... I like the ceilidh at the end ... very Scottish (but where are the bagpipes?) "Hush that hullabaloo" is destined to be come a household catchword for parents and teachers.


"Totally adorable" (5 out of 5 STARS)

By Anonymous

Totally adorable. Love it even more since I'm of Scottish descent. 


"For anyone who loves anything Scottish" (5 out of 5 STARS)

by Sandy

Anyone who loves anything Scottish will savor this wonderful, lyrical picture book. For kids of all ages. Best shared with shortbread and a wee dram of milk. Demarest excels once again! Och aye!


"Fun!" (5 out of 5 STARS)

by Anonymous

What a fun book!