Gone Cuckoo Dyslexic Edition

Gone Cuckoo Dyslexic Edition

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By Nancy Kelly Allen

Illustrated By Louise Schroeder

Publish Date 2/7/17

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Adoption isn’t just for children. In the animal kingdom, cuckoo birds find foster parents to raise their young. Mama Cuckoo lays an egg in a nest where Mama Warbler has laid three eggs. Mama and Papa Warbler accept the cuckoo egg as their own. Gone Cuckoo is a compelling story of the loving, powerful relationship between parent and youngster. After much misadventure Mama and Papa Cuckoo realize the beauty of their adopted nestling is to let the bird be the bird he was born to be…a cuckoo. Award winning author, Nancy Kelly Allen, captures the hearts of adults and children in a book that’s a perfect fit for family and classrooms.