Dyslexic Font Levels

You will find all of our dyslexic font books broken down into levels here. This is to help you figure out where your child would start in their reading journey. If they are struggling with the ABCs start at Level-0 and move up from there once they have the level mastered. If they have the reading and sight words for that level mastered move to the next level.


MCP Classics in Dyslexic Font

Level 0

Level learn tags 0.jpg

Beginning Learning -

ABCs, Numbers, Shapes, & Colors

Single words with pictures

Sight words (based on the SIPPS sight word program)*Coming Soon


Level 1

Level learn tags 1.jpg

Level 2

Level learn tags 2.jpg

Level 3

Level learn tags 3.jpg

Level 4

Level learn tags4.jpg

Level 5

Level learn tags5.jpg

Level 6

Level learn tags 6.jpg

Comic Book Collection for Dyslexic Readers