MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing is a children book publishing company that creates works to help children discover the beautiful world of reading and imagination. We teach tolerance, show that diversity is what makes our world so beautiful and  create books that inspire for a lifetime.

MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing is very different in that we supply all of our books in a dyslexic font version, as well as traditional font. 

Dyslexic font helps people with dyslexia have an easier time reading. It helps adults that have dyslexia be able to read to the children in their lives. But most importantly, for children to have a sense of confidence in reading and have the opportunity to be a part of all the beautiful worlds that are on the written page.   

This font is near and dear to my heart, as I live with dyslexia and know the challenges that come with being blessed with it. For more information on the font go to -