1. Do you charge the author or illustrator for publication?

- NO. We are NOT a vanity publishing company. 


2What do you mean by working one-on-one?

- We are committed to creating books without taking control from the hands of our authors and illustrators. We're a team.


3. What is the mailing address? How do I contact you?

- 4325 Lafayette Dr, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762



4. Do you do the marketing and promotion?

- We do a little marketing and promotion, but we do ask Authors and Illustrators to invest in the success of their books by building a fan base with the use of the internet. Having a web page, an author page on Amazon, and social media are what we would like to see from the artists. We help in understanding how to set them up. There are free websites that are easy to set up. 


5. Where are your books distributed? 

- Our titles are made available to tens of thousands of retailers, libraries, schools, internet commerce companies, and other channel partners, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, Chapters/Indigo (Canada), and other book retailers and wholesalers across North America.  


6. What book formats do you use?

- We publish Hardcover, Softcover, & E-books. We also publish EVERY BOOK in Dyslexie Font. See the Dyslexie Font Tab for information.


7. Who prints your books?

- Ingram Spark - at the highest quality. We print POD, because we believe in protecting the environment by only printing what is needed. 


8. Do I need an agent?

- No, but if you have one, we will work with them. 


9. Do I need an illustrator?

- No, we will match your work to the illustrator we feel is right for the project. 


10. Can I illustrate my own book?

- Yes, The art has to be approved, if MCP feels the art can be done differently or better we will be upfront about it and find a new illustrator. 


11. Do your authors or illustrators pay for anything?

- You do not pay MCP for doing anything. You will pay for you own copies of your books at a discounted rate. 


12. Will I need to edit my work if it's accepted?

- This depends on the book. We find that the picture books submitted to us do not require extensive editing in most cases.
SM CH, however, usually call for edits. We evaluate each book on an individual basis. 


13. How do you compensate your authors and Illustrators?

- We do NOT offer work-for-hire contracts. We work on Royalty Only contracts. 


14. When will I get a decision?

-Right now it is taking longer due to the numbers of submissions.