Diana Aleksandrova

"I was born in raised in one of the most picturesque old towns of Bulgaria. After graduating with Masters in Economics I jumped on the opportunity to move to the US and settled in Las Vegas.

As a child, I loved to read tales of adventure. Some of them still have a special place in my hearth like Gianni Rodari and his The Adventures of the Little Onion and Nobody’s boy by Hector Malot. I was also fascinated with animals of all kinds and would make my parents buy me every encyclopedia featuring them.

My first attempts in writing were in high school when in class I would write poems and gift them to my classmates. Having a passion for good books and a life-long love for animals, it only came naturally that I would combine them into my own animated stories for children.

Currently, I have three furry kids - two dogs and a cat, which most of the time cohabit peacefully."

Tux in the Zoo - TBD