Newest Releases

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An All of the Books are available In Dyslexic Font.

The Squeezor is Coming!

By Becky Benishek

Illustrated By Matt Fiss

Release Date 8/8/2018

The Squeezor is a monster who just wants to give hugs--great, big, wrap-his-arms-around-you-twice, squeezy hugs. The trouble is, he doesn't look like he just wants to give you a hug. He looks like he wants to eat you up! Even other monsters run away from him in terror.

Teensy Meensy Mice

By Donna Marie Merritt

Art By Ed Heck

Release Date 9/4/2018

 Teensy Meensy Mice cause all kinds of mischief when everyone's asleep!

Come on an adventure and see what could be happening.

My Community

By Raven Howell

Illustrated By Yeng Yang

Release Date 9/18/18

“Greet the morning - hello, sun!
Today I’m meeting everyone!
Mailman, teacher, doctor, vet…
Want a slice of pizza yet?

Celebrate diversity –
Come meet my community!”

Open your eyes! Stretch, yawn, and enjoy this rollicking day, joining with a diverse and loving community. And at day’s end, as the sun sets and moon illuminates, children can tumble into sweet dreams of wholeness, love, and unity.